Thursday, 7 September 2017

Summing up Dad

This morning in my classroom my group and I read "Summing up Dad", he is a french funny dad who thinks he's the man at being a pirate. This is mostly about maths like using milliliters and measuring things from biggest to smallest. The girl measures the whole hall in there house and the dad acts like a pirate and a magic man. All the boy and the girls do is measure the whole hall.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Endangered animals

fact 1: animals just like puinwinse lay eggs on the ground

Monday, 21 August 2017

Animals that eat plants and other animals that eat other animals...

Fact 1:Animals that eat other animals are called carnivorous. 

Fact 2: In the world there are all ways more plants then the animals there selves.

Fact 3:  Did you know a raccoon eats plants and other animals when they really really starve.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

My favourite memory

My favorite memory was when my mum took me to rainbows-end  and when I was 8 years old she gave me $150 dollars because I was always going to school and I was doing what she told me to do like when she told me to clean the hole house i would do it because I was a nice boy.

And also when I went to the OTAHUHU  pools and that was my first time there ever it was probably when I was 9 or 8 the best thing i like about the pools is they have a bombing area and a little slide that goes into the pool oh.And when you go in they give you a band and when.

You get in you will have this colour of band there I think there are green red pink purple.  orange and last one is white and they have a outside area for the babies and a
Park my favourite thing to play on is the swings and the two Champollion it's like in the ground.And this big green hole that goes down like a hill going into the ground it's like a volcano but upside down it's go heaps of balls that are hidden and you have to try find them all and whoever wins they get win $10 dollars that they have to give to you when they get payed.And last but not least when my mum bought me puppy when i was 5 years old they were called checko and izey and ratbag that was there names.My favourite ride at the rainbows-end the funnest side that I like is the rollercoaster

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Welcome back to school

I like coming to school because when your at home there is nothing to do but when your at school there is so much to do. There is so much to learn about any type of stuff. I also like learning because it helps me improve in my favourite subjects, writing and maths. Don't you feel bored at home? I like coming to school because there is a lot of active things to do in our school. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017


Yesterday in the junior block  we had the skip off and first place was Reality, second place was Kennan the third was Jacob. After that we did our display me and my group jumped in the rope and we had to jump and keep jumping then touch the ground, After that we had to get into groups of two and jump in and then groups of 3 then 4 but then it started to rain and so we finished the display.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Skip off

This morning when the bell rang at 8.55 the sen ear block had a skip off  the people who wun was Limitete Fakaola and someone else they took almost  10 minutes but it was 9 minutes.we were hop;ing fakaola would win but she didn't she came second.